Personalized Medicine | Targeted Destruction of Cancer Cells | Oral GCSF | Oral Interferon |  Mucosal Cancer Vaccine

Lead Development Projects

Personalized Medicine

Using proprietary technology to enable the rapid and affordable targeting of patient-specific cancer cells and paraproteins

Status: Screening of ex-vivo samples from multiple-myeloma patient

Targeted Destruction of Cancer Cells

Targeted destruction of cancerous cells using in-licensed Mozaic & Lexcicon drug discovery technologies

Status: Positive in vitro work with 3rd party on ovarian cancer cell lines

Oral Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor

The oral delivery of GCSF could supplement injected products currently on the market and expand the market through greater patient compliance and acceptance

Status: Preparing for pre-clinical studies

Oral Interferon

Could replace injected interferon products currently on the market for cancer indications and expand market through greater patient acceptance

Status: Preparing for formulation studies