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Targeted Destruction of Cancer Cells


  • Current cancer treatment regimens typically involve radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy, in conjunction with surgery
  • Unfortunately the chemotherapy and radiotherapy often results in side effects due to the fact the treatment affects healthy cells as well as the cancerous (such as: debilitating nausea and extensive hair loss)
  • -In addition, despite aggressive therapy the cancerous cells can acquire resistance and disease relapse may occur

The Limitations of Antibody Techniques

  • Expensive, injectable, unwanted immunological side-effects
  • Not as specific as desired
  • Limited survival rates

Our Approach:

  • Targeted destruction of cancerous cells using in-licensed Mozaic & Lexcicon drug discovery technologies
  • Disease-modifying agents for various cancers
  • Objective: Create bank of targeted therapeutic agents and demonstrate proof of principle in preclinical models

Stage: Positive in vitro work with the University of Oklahoma
            on ovarian cancer cell line